About us

Our passion has always been to make websites faster without making them less attractive. The tools that were available on the market had their pros and cons so we decided to develop our own solutions that we would know inside out and that we could easily adapt to specific customer requirements

Over the years, we have added new solutions and expanded the associated services. For many of our customers, we have become a virtual extension of their own teams and a preferred partner for anything related to web performance or, as we call it, Digital Experience Acceleration Services.

Since 2018, our team has grown and we have expanded beyond our hometown, Paris. Today, our support team is located in India, development is distributed across France and India and our sales team has gone truly global. We take pride in being an equal opportunity employer.

Dynalight is not a product vendor but a Software as a Service provider. Our relationship with our customers does not end when we sign a contract, it is just starting. We interact with our customers on a daily basis to make changes and, pro-actively, whenever we see opportunities to improve or to resolve issues.

Our solutions are 100% cloud based and implemented between your customers and your own infrastructure. This means that no changes to your infrastructure or applications are required to get started and we can be up and running in a matter of days.

On average, we can say that we are able to improve customer experience by 30 to 40%, reduce page size by 40 to 60% and reduce labor cost related to maintenance, content changes and trouble shooting by 20%.

Originally, Dynalight focused on large, global, enterprises with multiple brands and websites and these still form the core of our customer base today. In 2019 we decided to differentiate our offering so that smaller companies could also benefit. Since then, we have Cortado as our enterprise solution (maximum flexibility, highly customizable and unlimited in any way) and Macchiato as our entry level solution (standardized settings and with restrictions). Both Cortado and Macchiato are using the exact same footprint which makes it extremely easy for our customers to switch from Macchiato to Cortado when their requirements evolve.

In 2020, one of our customers asked us if we would be able to extend our offering with an API management solution as API’s are playing an increasingly important part in the digital services to customers and partners. This has resulted in our latest solution, Doppio. A cloud based API management solution that provides effective control and increases security combined with high availability.