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CDN Partners

Verizon’s Edgecast CDN consistently outperforms legacy CDNs in terms of speed and reliability. Third-party independent performance tests show that we have faster DNS, faster HTTPS, higher cache hit ratio, faster time to render and faster page load times where it matters.
With 20 years of experience, ChinaCache (NASDAQ: CCIH) is an industry leader in providing IT services including content delivery network (CDN), data center management, Internet Exchange center operations and cloud hosting services. As the China Internet expert, ChinaCache has been assisting foreign companies to enter the China market and guiding them through the complex Internet landscape in China.
NGENIX CDN includes 23 points of presence (PoPs) all across Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and has interconnections with 450+ networks from the local ISP ecosystem. With CDN edges strategically placed in highly populated areas and powered by intelligent routing and load balancing, we offer shortest routes and massive capacity to the broadband users in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Top brands globally rely on Akamai to help them realize competitive advantage through agile solutions that extend the power of their multi-cloud world. Their globally distributed intelligent edge platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so customers and their businesses can be fast, smart, and secure. Akamai keeps decisions, apps, and experiences closer to users than anyone — and attacks and threats far away. Akamai’s portfolio of edge security, web and mobile performance, and OTT solutions is supported by unmatched customer service and 24/7/365 monitoring.
CenturyLink  provides communications, network services, security, cloud solutions, voice and managed services to customers worldwide. Its communications services include local and long-distance voice, broadband, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), private line (including special access), Ethernet, hosting (including cloud hosting and managed hosting), data integration, video, network, public access, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), information technology and other ancillary services.
Amazon CloudFront is a fast CDN service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, all within a developer-friendly environment. CloudFront is integrated with AWS – both physical locations that are directly connected to the AWS global infrastructure, as well as other AWS services. CloudFront works seamlessly with services including AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing or Amazon EC2 as origins for your applications, and Lambda@Edge to run custom code closer to customers’ users and to customize the user experience.
CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with a fully integrated cloud solution, offering unparalleled speed, security and reliability for the almost instant delivery of web content. Optimized for any device, browser and network, we ensure all users have a fast and safe web experience – whether you’re serving B2B or B2C customers, mobile employees or remote offices.

Cloud Partners

Whether you’re looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cuts through complexity and offers solutions for your storage, analytics, big data, machine learning, and application development needs.
Safeo is offering a global solution to manage all or part of corporate information systems. This is delivered through a suite of service that offer everything from IP connected infrastructures to data security solutions.

Other Partners

Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Monitoring Platform pinpoints performance and availability problems users experience anywhere in the world. We help the world’s Internet builders and protectors fix issues with confidence—faster than ever before.
New Relic’s cloud-based platform gives developers, engineers, operations, and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex software environments. So you can find and fix problems faster, build high-performing DevOps teams, and deliver delightful experiences for your customers.
LoadRunner software, used by thousands of businesses around the world, is a comprehensive solution for testing system behavior and performance. It provides an efficient and robust means to verify that your application’s architecture is built for more efficient performance and reliability.