Advanced API Management

Technology as an enhancer of human capabilities

Technological evolution has reached a point where it can help us overcome – or at least circumvent – our own cognitive shortcomings. Where the human mind fails to display characteristics beneficial for driving change and creative thinking, technology can give us an extra push towards a greater innovative capacity.

Dynalight’s Enterprise API Management tool DOPPIO created to visualize reality in the marketplace, opening up many new windows of capabilities under Single-Point Acess, integrating Secure API management, ultra-low latency, lightning fast speeds, and extreme reliability to mention a few.

The Developer Portal offers the following features to your API Consumers:

  • Credentials Management – create and delete OAuth2.0 applications
  • Team Management – invite other team members in the project to share credentials
  • View API documentation and play with mock APIs
  • Request access to Advanced Services
  • View news and updates sent by Doppio Users
  • Profile Management

API Acceleration Offers

API Gateway Management

Manage Consumers using Consumer Groups & ACLs

Portal Users Management

Security features using Kong’s official plugins

lower cost of ownership

Volume & usage based pricing model makes it a quick pick & transparent to maintain.

monthly reporting

API documentation with active monitoring and analytics are shared as per agreeable timelines.