Our ALL-INCLUSIVE Content Delivery Network Service


Better User Experience

With Lighthouse’s Content Delivery Network expertise, customers get a fast and high quality experience anywhere in the world. Whether they are in Berlin, New York, or Singapore, when clicking a link customers expect content to load instantly, and not wait for slow loading sites or buffering videos.

Lower Infrastructure Cost

Lighthouse’s Content Delivery Networks distribute your content through a global network of our Points of Presence, lowering your CAPEX and helping your bottom line. Regardless of your content origin, this reduces the need to have servers located in multiple data centers around the world or overpaying for peak capacity.

Increased Security

An extra layer of security against cyberattacks is added with Lighthouse’s CDN offering. Your core infrastructure is protected when an attack occurs because the malicious traffic is routed through our CDN cache servers, mitigating the effects of the attack.

Hight end support & Service

Our portal DYNALIGHT enables you to be in full control of managing the service. The easy-to-use portal enables you to manage your Content Delivery Network from a single interface. Configure push and pull zones, instantly purge your files when needed, and get valuable insights from unified reporting.

More than 50% of your users will abandon your website*, if it takes more than three seconds to load.

It is a challenge to maintain, especially in today’s time when your business will be done more and more online.

Macchiato is offering you, the best priced, all inclusive CDN solution on the market. Top quality and designed to meet the demands of most websites.
Macchiato is part of our Dynalight suite and allows you to add other components like CRIO (automatic image optimization) or ELIOS (advanced Web Application Firewall) as you requirements evolve.
(* based on Google)

High Performance, Secure, Scalable and Affordable!

We can offer this service at this level of price because we are already managing huge amounts of traffic for our enterprise customers and we decided that this is the right time for us to open up for small and medium sized businesses as well.

Don’t take our word for it.

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4 TB traffic per month per domain: 
On a flat fees model, client can serve content with volume up to 4 TB per month per domain. No additional charges up to this limit.

1 GB data storage:
Large static files can be uploaded on the CDN storage for better performance. Up to 1 GB data storage will be provided per account, which also includes storage space for 7 days of CDN logs.

Basic security:
CDN provides a layer of security to layer 3 DDOS attacks, by default.
Offending User-Agents and IP addresses can be blocked upon demand on the CDN.

CNAME setup:
Client will be provided a Lighthouse CNAME to deliver content through our CDN partners.

SSL certificate:
Depending on the number of websites, a single or SAN certificate with multiple domains will be provided on an annual basis.

Email support:
To create a new configuration, modify an existing one and to resolve any technical issue, client can contact our support team by Zendesk or via e-mail.

Administrator portal and analytics:
The Dynalight portal offers the ability to client to view CDN metrics, purge cached resources and view real time metrics based on content delivery.
If the client chooses to use other services like CRIO, ELIOS and WAVE, then he would also have access to the analytics content of these web services.