Macchiato - SMB Acceleration

Macchiato is identical to Cortado but with some volume restrictions and only the key functionalities. This will be enough to meet the requirements of most smaller brands that are operating on a national or continental scale, and who want to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

Macchiato includes a Content Delivery Network, full image optimisation and a Web Application Firewall for extra security. These will be implemented using a standard setup that has proven itself in numerous implementations.

Your traffic is limited to 4TB per month, data storage is limited to 1 GB but this is enough for 95% of all corporate websites. If you ever need more, we can switch you over to Cortado without you even noticing it.

The key advantage of Macchiato is the rapid implementation cycle (a matter of days) and the fixed cost of 175 Euro per month .

We are able to offer this service cheap because we are already manage thousands of website and huge traffic volumes and this has greatly reduced our unit cost.

Of course, we understand that you are not just going to take our word  for it but that you would like us to prove our added value! No problem at all, just sign up for a demo and we will take your current website and implement Macchiato for it using one of our domains. This way you can see Macchiato in action and compare it with your current site. No guesswork required.