Cortado - Enterprise Digital Experience Acceleration

Cortado is a fully integrated set of components that each contribute to make your website faster, performance more stable or increase security.

Your customers will access your website just like they always did but instead of connecting directly to your origin, they will connect with Dynalight which is serving, fully automatically, content that has been specifically optimised for the device that they’re using , their location or any other criteria.

Each of Dynalights components will be tweaked to meet your exact requirements in close cooperation with your internal teams and we will maintain that close relationship during the entire contract period. 

Cortado is able to handle all volumes and any number of different domains, each with their own settings managed from a single portal. 

All of this is totally independent of what Content Management System you are using or what kind of technology stack you are using and Dynalight doesn’t even require you to change any of your existing processes, at most we enable you to simplify these and reduce manual steps.

The improvement that we can achieve on your site naturally depends on your current performance without Dynalight but we like to say that we can even make good sites perform better!

Often, sites that are performing really well, achieve that through committing significant resources to their release management process to ensure that all new content is meeting the required standards and manual optimisation. Dynalight is able to automate many of these steps which will allow your staff to work on other tasks and which will decrease the time to market. 

If you are interested in finding out how much your website can benefit from Dynalight, just reach out to us and we will create a demo for you in which we use your existing website and a standard set of optimisation routines to create a copy with Dynalight. This allows you to compare before and after at the same time without any intitial investment or commitment. The effort is all on our side.

In most cases, the final Dynalight for your site (after contracts have been signed), will perform even better as we are able to tweak much more specifically for your particular requirements.


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