The performance of web-based applications has always been a critical non-functional requirement. The better a site performs, the better the customer experience is, and this translates immediately into more conversions and higher revenues. As fast website is also indexed faster by search engines and appear at the top of search results.

Your customers have become used to the fast responses of mobile apps and Google and are becoming increasingly demanding. At the same time, we see that webpages are growing in size because of bigger content (images, video, javascript) and slowing down because of increased personalization and more third-party objects.

Tuning an existing application to optimize the performance requires special skills and tooling that not every company has available. Lighthouse has been active in web performance for many years and it is our core business. We develop software solutions like our DYNALIGHT platform to automate performance improvements but also provide professional services to allow you to benefit even more.

If you are planning a performance optimization project and you require external support either as a project manager or as subject matter experts, Lighthouse is here to help you. We can also help you if you prefer to fully outsource such a project, but we will always require access to and support from your internal teams as we require them to provide us with information and make the changes.

We have participated in projects that just wanted to realize some quick wins and that took only a couple of days and in projects spanning multiple months and working in large teams with multiple service providers. Both are fine with us.

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