In today’s crowded marketplace, companies find it more and more difficult to differentiate themselves from the competition. Many companies are using Digital Experience Management to convince potential customers to choose them rather than others. Digital Experience Management is all about making sure that every interaction, every touchpoint, offers a consistent and delightful experience.

Digital Experience Management includes creating attractive applications that can be used on all devices. These applications need to be highly intuitive, personalized, always available and always fast. The last two things, availability and performance are the domain of Lighthouse. We can help you to optimize the performance of your web-based applications to meet the expectations of your clients and beat the competition.

We do this by optimizing the part that lies between your CMS and your customer using a mix of proprietary products, third party solutions and professional services. We can also review the performance of your applications at CMS level and the underlying infrastructure and recommend improvements.

We are very result oriented and use an outside-in approach where we start by analyzing and monitoring your current performance and identify potential bottlenecks. In the next stage we will use an iterative approach to gradually improve performance without taking any risk.

We monitor and quantify the impact of our changes so that it is always clear to everyone, what steps were taken and the positive impact on performance. You decide when enough progress has been made either by setting clear objectives upfront or by evaluating the realized improvements.


A fully automated, cloud-based, image optimization and transformation service to reduce network traffic and improve customer experience


An on-the-fly, highly flexible, cloud service for optimizing the front-end (HTML, CSS and JS) of websites and web applications for even faster performance.


Delivers your content with the best possible performance, everywhere, all the time.

Don’t wait until your customers are getting frustrated and complaining but act pro-actively and ask us for a full audit of your applications!

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