The DYNALIGHT® WAVE service is a request control service that can modify HTTP requests based upon specific application requirements. The core part of WAVE was developed as a solution for a very specific use case of one of our customers. In a second development phase, we have made it more generic and more flexible.

Suppose that you want to run a single .com domain but still want to offer things like local language support or customized contact pages. WAVE is able to determine the language setting of the browser that your customer is using or his or her geolocation and then direct the user to specific pages for that language or location.

We do this by dynamically rewriting the URL, injecting query strings into the URL, setting and modifying request and response headers or use reverse proxies to direct to different origins. This solution is highly customizable and oftentimes includes professional services to tailor it to your exact needs.

WAVE has also been used to map a new SEO friendly URL structure to an existing website with dynamic URL’s that were not very SEO friendly. We managed to do this without making any changes to the underlying website and still achieve the desired improvement in SEO scoring.

DYNALIGHT® WAVE is fully integrated into DYNALIGHT® platform and uses the main portal, dashboards and reporting for easy access and control. The solution is very SEO friendly and minimizes the number of required redirects which is good for performance. It will also improve your cache hit ratios to make your site even faster.


WAVE is a request control service which modifies HTTP requests to guide traffic based on application requirements.


1. URL redirection based on geolocation and request headers

2. URL rewriting to different origins or different applications

3. Injecting query strings in URLs

4. Setting and modifying request and response headers

5. Adding basic authentication in-front of the origin server(s)

6. Adding reverse proxies to different origin(s)


Delegate all your backend web server related configurations to WAVE which are complex to manage at the origin server or at the application level.
Advanced bot detection for bots that simulate real users.

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