Most companies that make serious money on the internet have understood that performance monitoring (inside and outside the firewall) is a need to have. As long as there are no alerts being triggered or the limitations of the performance budget are being respected nothing needs to be done and everyone continues with business as usual. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

An in-depth performance review is something very different. A performance review is looking at long term trends, unexpected changes, possibilities to improve. This is a very different perspective. Pro-active rather than re-active. Most internal teams don’t have the time to perform these reviews (and they often don’t like the idea to go looking for even more work).

Lighthouse has developed a methodology to help these teams. We setup and manage the specific tests to monitor the performance of your website. We use Catchpoint’s synthetic monitoring to provide the underlying data and additional tools to perform a deep dive into specific technologies. The data from these tests is stored in a performance database and analyzed on a monthly (or quarterly) basis. We don’t look for individual incidents (unless they reoccur frequently) but for structural issues and bottlenecks that happen below the radar screen of your monitoring team. We always compare these results with our internal benchmarks (per industry sector) and a comparison with your closest competitors.


Our methodology is using The Plan-Do-Check-Methodology to ensure that our recommendations are converted into actions and that these actions have the desired effect.

The process is designed to realize improvements in incremental steps without taking big risks.

We want to protect your business, not break it.

Topics that are included in our review are performance trends, page rendering, use of html, css and javascript, caching, page and image weight, performance of third-party objects, performance on different devices and network speeds, geographic variation and the impact of recent changes.

If you provide us with access to your web analytics, we will combine our technical data with summarized data from analytics. This allows us to measure the correlation between changes in technical performance and visitor behavior. It will also allow us to calculate the probable positive impact of optimizations in business terms.

We perform these reviews in close cooperation with your internal teams (business and IT) to get a good understanding of changes, new releases, campaigns etc. We will work with your teams on recommendations and validate the impact of any related changes. If we notice any critical issues, we will reach out to you and provide our data and expertise to help you fix these issues as fast as possible.

We present the results of these reviews in conference calls or on-site meetings or a mix of both and are always available to answer any questions. We want to be a valuable extension of your internal teams.

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