Even if your web applications are performing well and your customers are not complaining, it can be very helpful to have an objective third-party perform an in-depth audit and provide recommendations for improvements.

We can do these audits on an ad-hoc basis, only once, but we also have quite a few customers who do this on an annual basis. This way they can see clearly what has changed and what the impact was on performance. In many companies, the web applications are the results of a close co-operation between internal teams and external service providers. In such a situation we have seen that it can be difficult to get a good understanding of the big picture and there can be a lot of finger pointing. In these situations, Lighthouse is the perfect partner to provide a quantitative analysis and we’ll work with all the parties involved to ensure that we also understand all the non-technical factors.

The objective of such an audit is to identify potential bottlenecks before the can have a negative impact on your quality of service and to provide you with a to-do list for the short and medium future. We are, of course, more than happy to perform some additional quick tests to validate the outcome of any optimization activities.

The scope of these audits will be tailored to your specific requirements, timelines and available budget. It can vary between a quick one week study of 3-5 pages of a website where we analyze page construction, rendering and performance variation on a single platform to a project in which we will review your full site, the most relevant customer journeys, the impact of third parties, CDN performance, performance on desktop and mobile browsers, performance variation across the globe, comparison with close competitors etc. If we notice any potential issues, we will always contact your team to discuss before we produce the final report. We are eager to learn and want to benefit from all the expertise that you have in your teams.

The output of our audits is very detailed and specific and with clear recommendations. We are more than happy to answer any questions regarding our analysis in one on one meetings with subject matter experts, even weeks after the final presentation.

Each month, we perform one of these, one week studies, for free to a company that we haven’t worked with before. If you are interested in using this opportunity, your company must be located either in France, the Benelux, Germany or Switzerland and you must be willing to participate in at least two meetings or conference calls (one to gather information before we do the test and one to present the results of the study) and the request must be made by a senior manager from a relevant team. We invest a lot of time and energy in these studies and want to make sure that that energy is not wasted.

At the end of each month we ask one of our employees to draw one company from the list that registered during that month. If you’re not the lucky winner, please feel free to register again for the next month.

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