Single and Multi CDN Optimisation

Using a Content Delivery Network has some big advantages:

  • Faster global performance as content is cached on servers close to your customers. This reduces latency and network round trips which improves response times.
  • CDN’s own the network connection between your country of origin and the edge nodes across the globe. These connections are faster and more stable than normal connections between hosting providers, ISP’s and the internet backbone and will make network time more stable and faster.
  • Less traffic to your origin. As 65% or more of your total requests will be handled by the CDN, there will be much less load on your origin which will make its performance more stable and allow you to reduce its size.
  • Reduced vulnerability as your CDN will form an extra defense against distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) and other potential security threats
  • Some of the leading CDN’s offer edge computing that allows you to execute part of your application to execute on CDN owned servers. This opens the door for advanced technologies like service workers and edge computing which improve performance and increase resilience.

Lighthouse uses CDN technology as the core component of its ODIN service. With ODIN you benefit from all the advantages listed above and more. ODIN is CDN agnostic. We can connect it to any CDN that you are already using, or you can select one or more of the seven different CDN providers that we are currently partnering with. If you are interested in learning more about how Lighthouse can help you to find the right CDN, please visit Lighthouse professional services – CDN Selection.

With ODIN you will get a secondary cache layer that sits between your origin and your CDN. This cache layer will be hosted on one or more locations in the cloud. We use this extra layer to reduce cache misses by optimizing cache settings, dynamic cache key generation, update existing cache keys and to respond to cache misses. This technology allows us to improve your cache hit ratio from 65-70% to over 90%. This has a big impact on performance and customer experience.

ODIN is also able to connect to multiple CDN’s in a highly transparant way without duplicating your effort. Using multiple CDN’s will increase your resilience and allow you to benefit from specific regional strengths and capabilities. This can be very useful if you have customers in countries like Russia, China or South America.

All of this makes our DYNALIGHT® ODIN service the optimal solution to deliver a better and more stable customer experience.

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Multi CDN, delivers your content with the best possible performance,
everywhere, all the time.


1. Geographical region of the targeted audience

2. Geographical region of the origin server(s)

3. Connectivity between the CDN edge servers and origin server(s)

4. Load balancing of content to different CDN providers based on specific application scenario

5. Local CDN providers for regions which have regulatory laws like China and Russia


Caching dynamic content by modifying cache-key on CDN.
Accelerating delivery of dynamic content that cannot be cached.
Fuss free – Single web portal to access metrics from all CDN providers and all CDN configurations are managed internally .

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