More and more companies have seen the benefits of load testing a website, either before launch or in production. It’s the only way to find out if your site is able to handle the traffic volumes that you’re expecting. The bottlenecks that you can find this way vary from limitations to the number of active sessions, to scalability issues with a back-end database, to CPU overloads on your front-end servers. Every component that is include in the value chain will be used just like it will be used by ‘real’ visitors.

We have been asked to test landing pages for campaigns, new releases, go lives in new markets, changes in the infrastructure and changes at CMS level. Each time something significant changes that will either impact the traffic volumes or the way your application handles that traffic, you may want to test to be sure it works as planned.

In our load tests, we use three different components. The first and most obvious is a load generator. This is a web application that is able to simulate users going through the same user journeys as your actual customers and from relevant geographies. The second component is Application Performance Monitoring. This part will monitor all the relevant parts of your application and infrastructure and show us where the bottlenecks are. The last part is synthetic monitoring. This will test individual pages and selected customer journeys from datacenters across the globe. With this we see if customers can actually use the application and measure the customer experience.

We can either include our own tools in the package or use the tools that you have licensed already. Lighthouse will work with your team to define testing requirements, develop the required scripts and verify that all tools are properly setup in a short dry run. In most cases, we take on the role of  Test Manager and work with your team and external service providers to reduce your internal workload and to allow you to benefit from our experience. Lighthouse will analyze and present the results of the test (data from your internal tools will be included) and provide recommendations on how to remove bottlenecks.

This service can be provided on a one-time only basis but is also available as a subscription service in which tests can be run a pre-determined intervals or executed whenever the need arises. There is great value in repeated testing as most scripts and set-ups can be re-used and the results of tests can be compared over time. Lighthouse will do its best to ensure the availability of the same staff over time.

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