DYNALIGHT® optimizes the performance of your web applications
and improves the customer experience.

DYNALIGHT® platform consists of a core product that cotains the management portal, dashboarding and reporting and handles everything related to CDN’s (those that you are working with or those that you procure through Lighthouse) and four add-on services that cater to different needs related to the performance management of modern websites and applications.


A fully automated, cloud-based, image optimization and transformation service to reduce network traffic and improve customer experience


An on-the-fly, highly flexible, cloud service for optimizing the front-end (HTML, CSS and JS) of websites and web applications for even faster performance.


A Web Application Firewall with custom rules and advanced, machine learning, traffic detection policies.


A request control service which modifies HTTP requests to guide traffuic basd on application requirements.

The big advantage of DYNALIGHT® platform is that all components are fully managed through a single, integrated, management portal that is also used for reporting.

If you use multiple CDN’s, you don’t need to replicate settings for all vendors and you don’t need to logon to different portals to flush the cache. Everything is centralized and consolidated.

We can connect DYNALIGHT® platform to any (sophisticated) CDN that you are already using ,or we can provide you with the CDN that is best suited for your requirements. Lighthouse is currently an added-value reseller for seven different CDN’s (both global and regional). We are also fully equipped to combine your current CDN plus any additional ones that you would like to use.

You can use DYNALIGHT® without any of the available add-on products (in which case we will just manage your CDN(‘s) and benefit from our additional functionality. If you purchase one or more of the add-on products, these will also be fully management through the main portal and additional functionalities will become available within Dashboarding and Reporting.

The complexity of web based applications continues to increase.

Large companies operate multiple web applications for different brands across the globe. These may use different, often hybrid, infrastructures, Content Management Systems, Content Distribution Networks and all of this needs to operate at 100% availability and at sub-second response times.

Once you realize that in many cases you deliver content that you haven’t produced yourself (third party code, ads, trackers, artwork) and everything keeps changing, you realize that the teams that need to operate and support these applications need to perform magic to keep everything up and running.

Lighthouse has developed the DYNALIGHT® platform to make their lives a bit easier. We realized that there are various aspects related to performance that can be operated and combined in a, single, easy to use, interface. Using advanced automation and a highly standardized process, DYNALIGHT® allows you to manage all of your digital assets in a single platform and track customer experience at the same time.


Reduce response times


Reduce manual work


Reduce customer complaints

Customers that use DYNALIGHT® have managed to significantly reduce response times by 30%, reduced the amount of manual work by 15% and reduced the time it takes to resolve incidents. What is even more important is that the number of incidents related to customers complaining about performance issues has dropped by 30% as well. As a results of this, they report an improvement in customer satisfaction and increased conversions.

Visitors stay longer, visit more pages, have higher return rates and are more likely to order.

DYNALIGHT® can be implemented without making any changes to your infrastructure or applications and we can accurately quantify our ROI during a totally risk-free Proof of Concept phase.

It's time to optimize your digital customer experience!

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