ELIOS our Web Application Firewall, monitors, filters and blocks traffic to and from your web applications. A WAF is different from a normal firewall because it is able to filter the traffic and content of specific applications where a normal firewall is serving as a security layer between different servers.

ELIOS is able to inspect HTTP traffic and detect things like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, file inclusion, buffer overflows, cookie poisoning and much more. It is also able to identify traffic coming from certain geographies, requests that don’t fit a normal pattern, bots and crawlers.

Our WAF is deployed between your CDN and your application. It is a cloud-based application, that uses a, very flexible and highly customizable, rules based detection system. A WAF is not intended to be the only type of security that you provide but to be an extra defense against specific threats and risks.

Lighthouse will assist you with the creation and implementation the rules that you want to implement and work with you to define the relevant rules if you need help. ELIOS is tightly integrated within our Dynalight solution so that it can be fully managed and monitored from the DYNALIGHT portal and relevant statistics are automatically included in the dashboards.


Delivers your content with the best possible performance, everywhere, all the time.


A Web Application Firewall with custom rules and advanced, machine learning, traffic detection policies.

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