Doppio - API Management

You can see an API as a specification of possible interaction with a software component. The API doesn’t have to explain what happens in the background. API’s are often used reduce the complexity of a system so that complicated things can be achieved in a simple way. Like your fridge ordering milk before you run out or your car contacting your workshop to report a potential issue.

This is the big advantage of API’s for software developers. They cover an enormous amount of complexity and replace that with a concise set of instructions that they can use to build their own applications instead of developing everything from scratch. You can even mix and match pieces from different vendors to create your own front-end to someone else’s backend. Many of today’s web shops are doing just this, selling someone else’s products for a slight profit.

The increasing popularity of API’s has resulted in a clear need for transparency, control, standardization, security and analytics. Companies cannot afford to operate thousands of API’s to support mission critical systems without clear policies and enforced standards. This is where API management solutions add clear and immediate value.

Doppio is a cloud based, management portal that allows you to easily configure and monitor Kong Open Source and at the same time, allows you to manage your API consumers. It consists of a DMP (Doppio Management Portal) and DDP (Doppio Developer Portal).

It provides a full API gateway, credentials management, communication with consumers, differentiation between standard and advanced services (free and paid), rate limiting and much more.

Doppio is a very flexible solution built upon one of the leading API gateways but without the high license cost, using realistic, volume based, pricing instead

Doppio is easy to implement. You can choose between hosting it yourself on your own AWS infrastructure (but we need admin access) or we can include hosting in the license. It is extremely scalable, one of our customers is expecting to process 82.5 Million calls per day by the middle of 2023. It will greatly reduce the manual effort related to API management and increase transparency and security. Doppio can be easily combined with one of our CDN offerings to ensure higher performance and reduce latency.