Digital Experience Acceleration

The expectations of customers are reaching new levels, they have new priorities and they want a perfect shopping experience. And they want this perfect experience on every channel and platform. You could say that creating the perfect experience is the number one priority on top of every organization’s to-do list.

However, achieving this perfect experience is not easy at all. The internet itself is not that stable, Content Management Systems each have their own bottlenecks, third-party objects on your site are outside your control, new content is being pushed out faster and faster and even the best team sometimes makes a mistake.

If you are serving customers on continents where the internet is not that great or you would like to do business in China where the rules of the game are completely different, the complexity of it all gets even bigger.

This is why Dynalight has developed its Digital Experience Accelerations Solutions. Fully managed SaaS solutions to enhance the digital experience of your customers in every possible way while reducing the workload of your internal teams. Both Cortado and Macchiato use the exact same footprint and combine a fast CDN, automated image optimisation, front-end optimisation, a web application firewall and some more smart tricks. To ensure that we deliver a great experience, we also include synthetic monitoring from locations that are relevant for your business.

Cortado is the Enterprise version, designed for huge volumes, global business and any type of traffic. Great if you are in the Fortune 500 but a bit of overkill if you are a small fashion brand in Milan that wants to start with international expansion in France. For these companies we have developed Macchiato. Highly standardised and easy to implement, limited to reasonable volumes but extremely powerful.

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