Congratulations, you have just taken the decision to start using a CDN to reduce latency for remote customers, to increase throughput, maximize availability or to increase security! Now the only thing that needs to be done is to select the CDN that is the best fit for your specific requirements and that delivers the biggest bang for the buck. Not an easy thing to do…

As we are working with different CDN vendors on a daily basis, we try to maintain an overview of the different vendors and their specific offerings. Right now, we have over 60 different names on this list and there are probably just as many that we don’t know. Most of these serious vendors on our list have much more to offer than just a bunch of PoP’s.

Lighthouse has developed a methodology to help you with this selection process. We always start with an assessment of your applications, the underlying infrastructure, key markets, strategic plans and, last but least, available budget. Based on the outcome of this assessment, we select a shortlist of three to five different providers with either a global or regional footprint. These vendors will be asked to respond to an RFP and deliver a financial proposal. 

The next step is to run a proof of concept phase in which we field test each of these providers against the specific traffic patterns of your applications. We monitor these tests using Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring which offers datacenter hosted monitoring in every relevant location and provides insight in all relevant metrics. With these results we can clearly rank the technical performance and combine that with the financials and deliver a clear recommendation.

The second use case is a bit different. You are already using a CDN but you would like Lighthouse to audit the technical performance of your current vendor and benchmark it against some competitors. In most cases, these projects are launched around contract renewal time. The outcome of such a study can help you during the negotiations to get a better deal or give you enough time to prepare a vendor switch. The methodology that we use for the CDN selection can also be used for these projects.

Lighthouse has all the right skills and tools to help you answer these complex questions without increasing the pressure on your team or taking too much time.

If your are interested in our help, please let us know and we'll schedule a first call to discuss.

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