A Content Delivery Network is an additional service that sits between your website and its visitors. It provides better network performance, reduced latency, increased security and a better protection against attacks.

For many years, Lighthouse has been reselling CDN services to its Enterprise customers and helping them to manage and optimize these services on a day-to-day basis. We have used our experience in this field to develop Dynalight, a suite of SaaS services that extend the basic CDN and make it easier to maximize the additional benefits.


Macchiato is a highly affordable, fixed price, service that combines Verizon’s Edgecast CDN with Dynalight’s advanced add-ons and top quality support. Macchiato provides you with everything you need to deliver optimal performance to your customers.

If your requirements exceed Macchiato’s limitations, we will provide you with a tailor-made proposal. If you want to use Macchiato to manage multiple domains, you will find that it is perfectly equipped for just that.

Macchiato, a great way to spoil your customers!


Odin, our CDN as a Service solution, is our high-end solution for Enterprises that require multi-CDN, huge traffic volumes, hundreds or thousands of different domains or anything else that is highly complex or very specific for your line of business. We’ve been there, done that.

With Odin, Lighthouse’ team of industry experts will become a virtual addition to your own organization, allowing you to focus on growing your business while we take full care of your CDN.

Odin, a magician amongst gods, very wise and a true protector of heroes who can gallop through the skies to reach even the most remote locations according to Nordic mythology.


First-class Enterprise CDN for Everyonee


Delivers your content with the best possible performance, everywhere, all the time.

Are you paying too much for your CDN?

Lighthouse is now offering MACCHIATO, an all-inclusive Content Delivery Network Service, for 175€ per month per domain.

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